Videos on chemical management in textile production available

Global textile production is associated with the use of many chemicals that pose risks for the workers involved, the environment and textile consumers. Enormous quantities of water are polluted by chemicals, especially during textile dyeing,…

News from Tamil Nadu: Video and Website

How does the work of Partnership Initiatives actually look like? Who do we work with on the ground? In 3:30 minutes our new video provides insights and impressions of the work in Tamil Nadu. The Partnership Initiative aims at systemically improving…

First dialogue fora in Tamil Nadu (India)

Dialogue fora were launched with the first annual conference The Multi-Stakeholder Initiative Tamil Nadu (MSI-TN) has a clear goal: To improve the conditions of workers in the textile industry in South India. In order to find corporate solutions,…

Sustainable Man-Made Fibers: Call to viscose producers

Taking next steps: The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles engages in the development of sustainable and transparent supply chains regarding Man-Made-Cellulosic-Fibers, including viscose fiber. In a joint letter, the Partnership calls on…

Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles publishes Annual Report

Our Dutch cooperation partner Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles (AGT) looks back at a successful year 2018. The number of participating brands has risen to 92, representing nearly half of the Dutch garment and textile market. Collective…

Second Basic Training Pilot on chemical management completed

The Partnership Initiative Chemical and Environmental Management aims at introducing a sustainable and innovative chemical and environmental management in the production facilities. By substituting harmful chemicals of wet processes, labour…

Textiles Partnership meets to work and learn jointly

At 11th April more than 100 members of the Textiles Partnership met at the Partnership's Working Meeting in Cologne. Ongoing and new projects of the Textiles Partnership were discussed in 14 break-out sessions. The focus was put on the projects…

New Publication: Procurement of virgin wool

Happy sheep = good wool? Not automatically. The newly published guideline explains how to keep sheep under good conditions and how to procure sustainable wool. It addresses animal welfare, due diligence and measures against flystrike. The…

bevh becomes member of the Textiles Partnership

We are happy to welcome the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V. (bevh) as a new member to the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. The bevh represents the interests of its approximately 600 members and is at the same…

Joint Statement by the Accord members of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

As members of the Textiles Partnership and the Accord, we again urge the Government of Bangladesh to comply with existing agreements concerning the Transition Accord and thereby, reaffirm the demands expressed in a letter to the Government in…

The Textiles Partnership


In response to the tragic accidents in textile factories, the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr. Gerd Müller initiated the foundation of the Textiles Partnership in 2014.


Multi-stakeholder initiative with about 130 representatives from five different actor groups (German Federal Government, business, non-governmental organizations, unions, standards organizations)


Together, the Partnership members want to achieve social, ecological and economic improvements alongside the entire textile supply chain.


Based on jointly defined Partnership goals, all members commit to binding and verifiable targets that become gradually more ambitious. In addition, promising ideas for solutions are promoted through concrete Partnership initiatives in production countries.


Anchoring sustainability in textile supply chains – become a member

Publisher: Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

How to go organic – Organic Cotton Sourcing Guide

Editor: Partnership for Sustainable Textiles - in cooperation with C&A Foundation, Helvetas, Organic Cotton Accelerator