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News from Tamil Nadu: Video and Website

How does the work of Partnership Initiatives actually look like? Who do we work with on the ground? In 3:30 minutes our new video provides insights and impressions of the work in Tamil Nadu. The Partnership Initiative aims at systemically improving the working conditions in the textile and garment industry in Tamil Nadu, South India, […]

First dialogue fora in Tamil Nadu (India)

Dialogue fora were launched with the first annual conference The Multi-Stakeholder Initiative Tamil Nadu (MSI-TN) has a clear goal: To improve the conditions of workers in the textile industry in South India. In order to find corporate solutions, dialogue fora were established. The annual conference, which took place in Coimbatore in March 2019, gave the […]

Sustainable Man-Made Fibers: Call to viscose producers

Taking next steps: The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles engages in the development of sustainable and transparent supply chains regarding Man-Made-Cellulosic-Fibers, including viscose fiber. In a joint letter, the Partnership calls on viscose producers worldwide to check on the sustainability of their manufacturing practices and to align them to the best available techniques for viscose production. […]

Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles publishes Annual Report

Our Dutch cooperation partner Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles (AGT) looks back at a successful year 2018. The number of participating brands has risen to 92, representing nearly half of the Dutch garment and textile market. Collective projects, training courses, workshops and tools support members in driving sustainability in textile supply chains, often in […]