Report from the Projects

Living wages

On 29 August, the expert group on living wages convened in Berlin for their second meeting, in part to drive forward the development of a Partnership Initiative on living wages. The meeting began with a presentation of the approach adopted by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which became a cooperation partner of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles in July this year. Anne van Lakerveld (FWF) explained to the members of the expert group how the Fair Wear Foundation helps member companies to work together with factories towards a continuous increase in the wages above and beyond the minimum-wage level.

The subsequent discussion in the expert group focused particularly on two ideas for a Partnership Initiative developed by members of the group. It was discussed how projects in both Cambodia and Indonesia could make a contribution to promoting living wages. In order to allow companies that are not active in either of these two countries to also participate in a Partnership Initiative on living wages, the expert group is considering incorporating another module in the Partnership Initiative, on responsible sourcing and purchasing practices. The expert group is now developing proposals for fleshing out the Partnership Initiative, which are due to be presented to the Partnership members at the Textile Partnership annual conference on 30 October in Berlin. In cooperation with the Action Collaboration Transformation (ACT) initiative, a purchasing practices self-assessment tool is currently also being developed which should be made available to the members towards the end of this year. This online tool will enable the analysis and benchmarking of sourcing and purchasing practices and will help companies to detect potential for improvement in the area of purchasing. The new tool can be used for tracking the binding target for living wages in 2019.

Members who have any questions on this topic may consult Dr Kristin Huber who recently took on responsibility for this area at the Partnership Secretariat.


Newsletter – September 2018