Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme


The aim of the project is the implementation and execution of the 2016 launched Fairtrade textile standards in textile supply chains of the three business project partners. Participating textile companies in India go through trainings and instructions of the Fairtrade textile program, which accompanies factories on their way to certification. The Fairtrade textile team in Germany as well as the international team and employees of the Fairtrade producer network monitor the process, carry out assessments and trainings and provide assistance both in Germany and India.

Short description

  • At least 6 out of 10 involved plants will be certified after Fairtrade textile standards at the end of the project
  • 3 of the certified plants act as multiplier at two meetings organized by trade unions or associations in India
  • Outcomes of the project will be published on the website of the Textiles Partnership
  • Who is the target group of the initiative?: Target group is primarily the collaborating textile factories in India; all workers in the factories of those supply chains should benefit. The successful application of the Fairtrade textile standard, meaning the revelation and certification of complex supply chains, should serve as an example for all textile producers and should encourage them to promote transparency along their production chains.
  • Which sustainable changes does the initiative bring with regard to the partnership goals?: The initiative contributes to improvements of the workers’ labor and wage conditions along exemplary textile supply chains in India. Key issue is the payment of living wages. The implementation of the standard is only possible through the use of responsibly produced fibers such as Fairtrade, organic cotton or Lenzing fibers. All partners of the DeveloPPP project and the involved factories assume not only collective but also individual responsibility for their actions and the creation of sustainable processes.


  • Status assessments/ trainings 05/2018
  • Brands Fashion supply chain: 6 assessments, 3 trainings
  • Mela wear supply chain: 5 assessments, 4 trainings
  • 3Freunde supply chain: 5 assessments, 3 trainings
  • Audits:  07/2018 audits in two packaging companies are being planned

DeveloPPP-Project: Piloting the Fairtrade Textile Standard in three supply chains in the textile industry in India

Country / Region:

Project running time:
August 2013 – February 2020

Project partners:
Initiator: TransFair e.V. with Fairtrade International e.V.

Juliane Roux
0221 / 94 20 40 78

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Workers Orientation Training at SAGS Apparels in
Tirupur, India. © TransFair/Juliane Roux

Workers Orientation Training at SAGS Apparels in
Tirupur, India. © TransFair/Juliane Roux

Stand: March 2018