Progress in the review process

1,300 objectives and 22 items of progress online

From the total of 116 submitted roadmaps, 83 have now been assessed successfully and published on our website, and the others will follow when their assessment is complete. In addition, 22 members have published their progress report voluntarily this year.

Positive opinions in the press

The publication of the roadmaps from the middle of August onwards drew a largely positive response, including from the press. Over 50 articles reported on this milestone in the national and international daily and expert press, and it was noted that binding deadlines and volume targets now apply and that the members are increasingly implementing and reporting on tangible measures.

Evaluation of the 2018 roadmaps

An evaluation of the existing roadmaps was carried out again this year. In addition to the voluntary objectives, the members that were obliged to report set themselves 715 new binding targets this year, and a further 142 binding targets have already been met by the members. As well as that, there are also a total of 121 recommended targets, and over a third of them have already been met.


Newsletter – September 2018