„Code of Conduct Poster“


The aim is to create an easy-to-understand illustrated version of the ‘Primark Code of Conduct’ for all factory employees. In particular, the posters present content on working conditions, working hours and payment.

Short description

As an industry standard, the ‘Primark Code of Conduct’ is based on international conventions and best practice principles in the industry. However, the used language and wording of the Code of Conduct is often very formal and detailed, making it more difficult for factory workers to understand.

For this reason, Primark initiated the ‘Code of Conduct Poster’ project to ensure that factory employees can easily understand the rules of the Code of Conduct.

For this purpose, Primark has developed in cooperation with a local NGO and factory employees, how the most important aspects of the Code of Conduct for the workers can be presented in a simple and understandable way, taking place in each country (China, India and Bangladesh).
The result is a poster series depicting the ‘Primark Code of Conduct’.

Each poster is country-specific and includes graphics that can be easily understood by all workers.


All posters were printed in colour and shipped to all authorized Primark supplier factories, where they are displayed in an open and accessible location.

The workers involved in creating the posters gained a broad understanding of the Code of Conduct and their rights, especially in terms of working hours and payment. They passed this knowledge on to their colleagues in the factories.

„Code of Conduct Poster“

Country / Region:
Bangladesh, China, India

Project running time:
2012 – ongoing

Project partners:
Primark Stores Limited, Timeline (NGO) – China, SHEVA (NGO) – Bangladesh , SAVE (NGO) – India



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