Human Resources Management Systems


The aim of the project is to train executives in supplier companies in the key areas of HR. In the longer-term, this should lead to a better implementation of social standards in the textile supply chain.

Short description

The adidas Group has a high expertise in factory auditing and has been experiencing a shortage of basic human resources management systems in the Asian Pacific region. The introduction of mature production facilities and leaner production processes required more advanced processes in human resources.

The Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) training program has been in place since 2006, and involves training senior executives of suppliers in the Asian Pacific region, especially in China and Vietnam. The training sessions cover crucial areas of HR management, such as recruitment, pay and benefits, training and education, performance management and strategic HR planning.

In addition, the individual components will be reviewed for freedom of association and working relationships so that they are more closely linked to the FLA Sustainable Compliance.


The training program has significantly contributed to the efficiency of operations, increased employee satisfaction and better work ethic. In the long term, these results support compliance with social standards in the value chain.

Human Resources Management Systems

Country / Region:
China, Vietnam

Project running time:
2006 – ongoing

Project partners:
adidas Group

Maike Hiltner


As of: March 2018