“Products that help”


The aim of the project is to sustainably improve the living and working conditions of local people. The focus is on an assured income, better education and medical care.

Short description

In Rangpur and Bogra, two of the poorest regions of northern Bangladesh, patchwork rugs made from recycled materials and seagrass baskets are manufactured for KiK. Through these products KiK is not only creating jobs but also improving the lives of local workers. This improvement is achieved in two ways. Firstly, people can now find work in their own area and are not forced to migrate to industrial regions. Secondly, the profits from both products benefit a range of local projects: schools, medical facilities, nurseries and a drinking water project are funded.


The traditionally made rugs and seagrass baskets are providing 1,078 people in the poorest regions of Bangladesh not only with an income but also with better living conditions. More than 4.7 million rugs and 1,000,000 seagrass baskets have been sold. This means that KiK is enabling every customer who buys a traditional rug or pretty seagrass basket to contribute to sustainability and improve the lives of people in Bangladesh.

“Products that help”

Country / Region:
Bangladesh, Rangpur and Bogra

Project running time:
2008 – ongoing

Project partners:
KiK Textiles and Non-Food GmbH


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© KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH

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