Promoting and strengthening women


The aim of the project is to provide unemployed women with access to knowledge and training to enable them to earn a living and find new opportunities for employment. It will also increase the opportunities for further training for the women employed by the suppliers. The aim is to improve the life situation of around 1,000 female workers in the region around Sialkot through activities such as improving capacities and skills, placing women in jobs and supporting the establishment of micro businesses.

Short description

As a result of the switch to machine embroidery, many manufacturers have had to reduce their production or close factories completely. As a consequence, many women have lost their jobs and have little prospect of finding new employment due to their limited qualifications and because of social and cultural obstacles.

The Women´s Empowerment Programme was set up to improve the situation of the former embroidery workers. The programme has the following aims:

  • to improve the qualifications of the unemployed women in order to improve their prospects of finding new work;
  • to provide better training opportunities for the workers still working for the existing embroidery suppliers.

In order to achieve a high impact at local level, the project is being implemented with the local non-governmental organisation Baidarie, which provides the project with additional experience and expertise.


Successful start of the project with diverse activities like the creation of social networks between traines employees and employers, mobilising and support of own micro businesses, improved capacities and skills, awareness raising in violence and unacceptable living conditions.

Promoting and strengthening women

Country / Region:
Pakistan / Punjab

Project running time:
2015 – ongoing

Project partners:
adidas group, Baidarie (local NGO)

Maike Hiltner:


As of: March 2018