SMS Worker Hotline as part of the Worker Empowerment Programme


The aim of the project is to bridge communication gaps between the textile workers and the management level by providing a communication channel. The intention is that via this channel workers can ask questions, make suggestions and express concerns. Evaluation of the messages will enable the Adidas Group to know what issues are of concern to workers and to respond to them.

Short description

The project, run by an external service provider, provides a personal and anonymous service that effectively bridges the communication gap between the management level and the workers. This gives the Adidas Group the opportunity to respond directly to workers’ concerns and wishes.

The workers value the simplicity of this method and the direct responses from the management. The project is implemented by an external service provider in order to ensure the confidentiality of the information. The factory management can use an anonymised telephone list to send the employees group messages with updates and safety tips. The project is intended to bring the two groups closer together; experience shows that this can improve compliance with standards in the workplace.


Since it was introduced in 2012, the programme has been extended to three countries (Indonesia, Viet Nam and Cambodia) and it now covers 58 factories. At the end of 2015 more than 263,000 workers had access to this communication channel.

SMS Worker Hotline as part of the Worker Empowerment Programme

Country / Region:
Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia

Project running time:
2012 – ongoing

Project partners:
Adidas Group, external service providers (locally supported by an Adidas Group team)

Maike Hiltner

Giving Workers a Voice for Better Working Conditions
Marking a new milestone in the management of our supply chain – the SMS worker hotline project

As of: March 2018