Member since:
Centrum Zuid
3530 Houthalen


Used standards and memberships:
Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), Fur Free Retailer, ACCORD on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh
Number of employees (reporting period):   280
Top 3 source countries of textile procurement (customs definition):
Bangladesch, China Volksrepublik, Türkei
Profile / self-representation:
JBC is a Belgian family-owned fashion retailer. We offer fashion for the whole family (men, women and childrens wear) in our shops in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.
CSR profile:
As a value-driven family business, JBC strives to continuously integrate sustainability into its business. JBC wants to make a nice product but with respect for our Planet and the People who live on it. In a world that is globally connected we can’t do it alone, therefore we engaged in different Partnership, Fair Wear Foundation and the Accord on fire and building safety in Bangladesh are just two of them. We try to find the right balance between different stakeholders’ expectations, from the workers in our factories, NGO’s and Unions to our customers. We will never stop learning and improving our sustainability efforts. Our goal is to continuously grow into a more sustainable company. Find out more on our website : http://www.jbc.com