Members of the Textiles Partnership Posing a Joint Demand

Members of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles urge the government in Bangladesh to advocate for compliance with the agreements reached for the transition of the Bangladesh Accord.  

In a letter to the Bangladeshi Government, members of the Textiles Partnership and the Accord, among them Tchibo, ALDI Süd and ALDI Nord as well as Hugo Boss, demand the adherence and support to the existing agreements for the transition of the Bangladesh Accord to a national institution. This is mainly due to current developments and discrepancies. The Accord governs measures for fire and building safety in textile and clothing factories.

In October last year, the Transition Monitoring Committee (TMC) of the Bangladesh Accord – consisting of the government, the employer organization, trade unions and brand and retail companies participating in the Accord – had agreed on several objective criteria, which must be fulfilled in order to commence the transition of the Accord to a national institution. The TMC is responsible for making the decision, if these criteria are ultimately met.

Read here the complete letter of the Partnership and Accord members.