New structures and topics in the Partnership

At its meeting on 25 January 2018, the Steering Committee modified the structures of the Textiles Partnership. We will circulate the new Cooperation Rules without delay once they have been approved by the Steering Committee.

The changes are intended to enable decisions to be prepared and made as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the same time, we want you as members to be able to get involved in decision processes, and we want knowledge transfer, learning and dialogue to become higher profile within the Textiles Partnership.

What will change?

A major novelty is that from now on specific issues will be addressed in the context of clearly defined projects laid out in project plans on the basis of standardised framework data. The advantage is that issues can be framed more narrowly, particularly with respect to scheduling and expected results. Issues can be addressed using various formats – from broad consultation rounds embracing all members to small expert groups.

As a first step, the Steering Committee has translated open topics from the working groups into project plans. Some expert groups will be appointed directly by the Steering Committee and some are open to members who can apply (see below). The decision regarding the composition of expert groups can be found here.

The membership at large will be informed of the recommendations and results of expert groups in the context of webinars and/or workshops. This is to provide Partnership members with more opportunities to share knowledge and engage in dialogue, as well as giving them the chance to make sugges­tions and comments on the interim results of projects. As before, the Steering Committee will make the final decision on appointments and on the recommendations produced by expert groups and by the membership.

Focal themes this year

In view of this new structure, topics and work orders from the previously broad-based working groups will be prioritised and translated into work plans with milestones and time schedules.

The Steering Committee has identified a need for action and decisions with the involvement of selected experts in the following areas in 2018:

We call on you as a member to get involved in (further) work on the following topics this year:


The Steering Committee will convene in April to discuss further possible projects in the field of natural fibres, chemicals and complaints mechanisms, among others.

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