New structures, new rules

Following the Steering Committee’s decision to make the Textiles Partnership’s structures more project-oriented, it became necessary to adapt the Cooperation Rules. Consequently, the Steering Committee agreed on an adaptation, for which a decision was made after their last meeting.


What has changed?

  • The new Paragraph 11 summarises the new structures resulting from the Steering Committee decision of 25 January 2018. The paragraphs on the working groups have been removed.
  • The tasks of the Steering Committee (Paragraph 6), the Members’ Meeting (Paragraph 9) and the Partnership Secretariat (Paragraph 10) have been clarified and adapted to the new structures.
  • New associate member status (Paragraph 2 (3)): The introduction of associate membership has been agreed as part of the agreement on strategic cooperation with the Dutch AGT. You can find more information here.
  • The rights resulting from being a member of the Partnership have been elaborated more clearly and adapted to the current decisions (in particular Paragraph 3 (1)). The existing obligations and sanction levels of the review process have also been amended in the Cooperation Rules (Paragraph 3 (3) and Paragraph 4 (2)).
  • Paragraph 12 on the Partnership logo has also been adapted to the current decisions.
  • Additionally, a number of smaller adjustments have been made, such as the inclusion of the co-option of new members to the Steering Committee and the inclusion of online tools as an instrument for information provision or decision-making. As a result, the rules now reflect the established practice of the Partnership.


We have also made further changes in the Members´ Area to reflect the adjustments. To this end, we have already set up a ‘Projects’ section with the first closed groups. Like with the earlier working groups, as a Partnership member you will find the relevant work results of the project activities in topic-specific folders in the data storage area of the ‘Latest news about the Partnership’s work’, ‘Review process’ and ‘Tools and guidance’ folders. Previous working group folders are archived.