Newsletter – September 2018


Dear Partnership members,

In mid-August we were able to begin publishing the roadmaps for 2018 and the progress reports from 2017. There are now 85 roadmaps available online and the outstanding action plans are currently being added successively. The press and the general public have closely monitored this important step by the Partnership and have given it a thoroughly positive assessment. This shows how important the review process is for the credibility of the Partnership and for communications with all the participants, despite the hard work involved.

There is also good news from the Partnership Initiatives: apart from the ongoing initiatives, the preparations for the initiative on living wages is making excellent progress. Moreover, the Steering Committee passed specific measures at its most recent meeting to ensure a greater commitment to Partnership Initiatives and a closer involvement in the review process.

In parallel to this, we are driving our internationalisation further forward through strategic cooperative alliances. For instance, the cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation, especially in the area of living wages and complaint mechanisms, was formalised early in the summer. At the start of September, the Steering Committee then resolved to issue a Letter of Intent for the cooperation with Textile Exchange. In this case, the cooperation is focussed on sustainable fibres and materials in textile production. The Steering Committee emphasises that the strategic cooperative alliances are a central factor in the success of the Partnership – in terms of the harmonisation of requirements and procedures, the joint processing of topics and also the effective implementation of measures in production countries.

Many of the topics that we report on in this newsletter are also on the agenda of the Members’ Meeting at the end of October. We recently sent out the invitations, and we are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin.

Until then, I wish you a successful late summer and early autumn, and a pleasant read!


Jürgen Janssen

Head of the Partnership Secretariat