Newsletter – March 2019


Dear Partnership members,

The Steering Committee took a number of important decisions at its first meeting of the year: Among others they included approval of the project plan for the Partnership Initiative on Living Wages with two modules to date. The members that are already involved, our strategic partners and the Partnership Secretariat are ready for implementation. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about participating.

The resolution on overhauling the Review Process and Partnership procedures is also an important step for the Partnership’s future development and positioning. The OECD Alignment Assessment, which is to be carried out by September 2019, provides the basis for this overhaul. Progress has also been made in the areas of grievance mechanisms and impact assessment, and within the two Partnership Initiatives that are already running successfully.

This year, we want to take the Partnership to the next level, continuing to develop it into a platform for information, learning and dialogue on all issues related to due diligence and sustainable, forward-looking business models. Besides expanding cooperative projects and our range of informational services, we are organising two working meetings to this end in 2019: the first one in April (Cologne) and the second one in September (Hamburg). These working meetings serve to exchange expertise, provide information about the status of topics being worked on in Partnership and, of course, foster networking. We are looking forward to seeing many of you at these events.

This year also brings the next Steering Committee elections. You can find information about the process and deadlines in this newsletter and on the Partnership website.

As you can see, our Partnership has kicked off an exciting and eventful year. With the three pillars of the Partnership’s work, our extensive cooperation network, the growing confidence in our collaboration, and smoothly running processes, we have set the course for meeting our goals and advancing our initiative.

We are looking forward to continuing this excellent and close cooperation and to seeing you again at the working meeting on 11 April in Cologne, if not sooner.

Jürgen Janssen

On behalf of the Partnership Secretariat