Member since:
Im Lossenfeld 12
77731 Willstätt-Sand


Used standards and memberships:
Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Initiative Clause Sociale (ICS), Fur Free Retailer, ACCORD on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh
Number of employees (reporting period):   4.500
Top 3 source countries of textile procurement (customs definition):
Bangladesch, China Volksrepublik, Türkei
Top 3 sales markets (countries):
Deutschland, Polen, Tschechische Republik
Profile / self-representation:
Orsay is an international vertical fast fashion omnichannel retailer, focused on young women's lifestyle. The brand offers its customers a wide range of stylish, feminine products for various occasions at affordable prices.
CSR profile:
We want to inspire our customers with our fashionable and affordable products and at the same time, act responsible for people and planet whilst creating our collections. We are convinced, that only the common effort of all stakeholders can lead to better working conditions in our supply chain and the reduction of environmentally harmful practices in our industry. By following a due diligence approach and working together with other stakeholders in initiatives like the Bangladesh Accord, the Ethical Trading Initiative and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, we aim to achieve our goal of being a more responsible company.

Our involvement in the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles:

Participation in Partnership Initiatives:
Nachhaltiges Chemikalien- und Umweltmanagement