Steering Committee – greater commitment to Partnership Initiatives & international issues

The 21st Steering Committee meeting and this year’s Steering Committee strategy meeting took place in Siegburg, Germany on 5 and 6 September.

The Committee passed a schedule for the further development of the Partnership Initiatives with the objective of kicking off additional initiatives and increasing the commitment of the stakeholders. Specific measures here were, for instance, a needs analysis, an optimisation of the processes for developing Partnership Initiatives, the promotion of cooperation and self-motivation, and also the introduction of preliminary modules that act as a low-threshold way into the preparation of Partnership Initiatives. One initiative to benefit from these resolutions, for instance, will be the new Partnership Initiative on living wages, which is currently in the planning phase.

Another new development for members is the additional advice provided by the auditors in the review process. Members can now seek advice directly by telephone if they have any specific queries about understanding or need help with revising reports.

Moreover, the new strategic cooperation with the international network Textile Exchange represents another important step on the path towards the internationalisation of the Textile Partnership. This charitable organisation was founded in 2002 and has 210 members in 25 countries. It aims to reduce the negative impacts of the textile industry while boosting its positive effects. The work of the Textile Exchange focuses particularly on sustainable fibres (‘preferred fibres’), ecological natural fibres, the promotion of sustainable supply chains and also the development and dissemination of corresponding standards.

Finally, the Steering Committee also appointed the members of the new Natural Fibres expert group, which can be viewed here.


Work plan 2019

The work plan for 2019 was drawn up in the strategy meeting following the meeting of the Steering Committee. The central components of the plan are the efforts to improve and simplify the review process and to increase the commitment to Partnership Initiatives. Partnership member Enrico Rima (Lebenskleidung – organic fabrics) also reported to the Steering Committee on the outlook for small and sustainable companies in the Textile Partnership. We are currently examining how the requirements of small, sustainable companies can be integrated into the enhancement of the Partnership processes.


Newsletter – September 2018